Although I focused heavily on drawing at a young age, I find myself now working in different mediums when I am creating my artwork.

Being a child of the electronics era, I quickly transitioned from traditional hand drawing to the world of computers, tablets, and graphical drawing programs. My interest in comic books and gaming began to center my focus upon the human body and character creations.

The part I enjoyed the most about these characters, were their costumes. This aspect would lead me to study costume design in the theatre arts. I eventually found myself merging into the visual arts. This is where I found my passion in creating art and my love of diverse materials and processes. One can express their artistic idea through graphics, photography, collage, ceramics, fibers, wood, metal, and printmaking. I feel that even though I have changed callings, the techniques I learned can all come together and be utilized to influence whatever medium I decide to work in.

Currently I am delving into the relationships that clothing has upon our perceptions. Everyone wears clothes, from traditional costumes of different cultures to the everyday wear. Clothing is just another mask we wear, shaping the viewer’s impression into the persona we so deem. Clothing has power. It can define who we are, as an individual, a race, a culture. I want to explore these clothes we put upon our bodies and how they interact with us, exploring textures, cultures, traditions, and subtexts in the process. Clothing is the fabric of our lives.